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Junho 2018


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Ride With The Valkyries


Private First Class
Private First Class

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Data de inscrição : 27/05/2010

Ride With The Valkyries

Mensagem por Ltn.FUBAR em Dom 23 Jan 2011, 11:57

Forgotten Honor proudly presents:

Ride With The Valkyries

Fight the Vietnam War using DICE's Brand New Expansion Pack

Experience warfare from the Vietnam era as a member of the glorious North Vietnamese Army, or as a hardened US Marine. Fight harder than you've ever fought before over unforgiving terrain as you and your squadmates valiantly struggle to overwhelm the opposition. Fight together, fight hard and fight dirty to achieve victory.

In Ride With The Valkyries you will experience:

    - 5 intense battles every Sunday at 18 GMT.

    - True, squad-based action. Team up and play coordinated!

    - All weapons, vehicles and unlocks available in the battlefield. Your concern is the enemy!

    - Earn rewards for your achievements and get promoted to lead your unit.

    - Camaraderie with new teammates and improve your game.

    - It's free and we play every Sunday at 18 GMT.

Enlist at

About us

Forgotten Honor has a long pedigree of exceptional campaigns for the Battlefield series and many other games. Our history guarantees well-organised, competitive and fun events for all levels of player. Fed up of pub play and looking for something more challenging?

Ae pessoal esta tendo um pequeno campeonato de BFBC Vietnam. Se alguem estiver interessado. Eu irei participar. A segunda batalha é hoje. As 18:00.
Se precisarem de ajuda to no msn ou no ts.
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant

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Re: Ride With The Valkyries

Mensagem por MOR43S em Seg 24 Jan 2011, 11:32


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